Cerise UV Yarn

Premium cerise yarn made with ultra soft natural fibers, dyed in our unique colors and enhanced with Steelhead Stalkers exclusive 365 nanometer UV process. We start with the softest natural fibers available and employ our unique dying process and finish it off with an exclusive UV enhancement that will not fade or leech, ever. Our yarn is the only yarn available with colors that will not bleed or leech making it perfect for multicolored yarn balls. This yarn is not only softer than anything available but it holds scent much longer than artificial yarn. Colors are more vibrant and have a life like movement in the water. This yarn truly is one of a kind!

UV Yarn (Cerise)
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Cerise UV enhanced fishing yarn.
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Awesome Product!

- 10/14/2015

This cerise UV yarn has a unique color that fish seem to key in on. I use it in both clear and off color water with great results!

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