Tackle Technology

UV Enhancement

We use a proprietary UV enhancement on all of our tackle that reflects UV light at 365 nano-meters.  This is where studies show steelhead, salmon and trout see UV at its strongest.  Sand Shrimp, fish eggs and many other food sources for these fish reflect UV light naturally.  Our UV enhancement allows our tackle to look natural to the fish while standing out from other tackle.  Presentation is key in fishing for anadromous fish but having bait and lures that fish see from farther away will help you get more fish to come closer so you can seal the deal.

Premium Materials

We use premium materials for all of our tackle.  From our natural yarn fibers that are hand dyed by us to our soft bead plastic that is more expensive than all other plastics available.  We spare no expense to bring the highest quality tackle to fisherman who demand the best.   Our plastic is one of the reasons that Steelhead Stalkers Soft beads work so well and sets us apart from the rest.  We never remelt plastic so you always get our highest quality end product.  Remelting plastic can discolor it and change the look of our bait.  We are one of the few companies in the industry who never remelt plastic.

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